Steam Vapor Cleaners

Steam Vapor Cleaners
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Steam cleaning means deep and thorough cleaning. Steaming is the new safe and ecologically sound way to clean like a professional. And it's almost a necessity for anyone with respiratory problems. So why stop at sparkling clean when you can deep clean at the same time? Steam vapor cleaners are already a favorite throughout Europe. Steam deep cleans your home without relying on expensive (and sometimes unpleasant) chemical cleaners that pollute your indoor environment (and often leave behind irritating odors). Superheated steam deep cleans every surface it touches, helping to rid your house of disease-causing bacteria and viruses as well as of allergens like mold and dust mites. Steam vapor cleaners are especially well suited for cleaning hard surfaces such as wood and tile floors and walls and all kinds of countertops; it's also great for bathrooms, barbecues, windows, outdoor furniture, and appliances. You can also use these units to loosen dirt on carpets, but they are not a vacuum-type carpet cleaner.


The Steam Vapor Cleaner pushes hot steam onto the surface you're cleaning. For example, when you are cleaning a floor, the steam loosens the dirt so that it can be wiped clean with the attachment brush. (For the person doing the cleaning, the steam-and-wipe process is one continuous step. The steam does the hard work; you just wipe.)

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TPA  Impex VC 4000 Steam Vapor Cleaner
Regular price: $1,095.00
Sale price: $995.00
Regular price: $895.00
Sale price: $795.00
SV-6    Super Vapor 6 Industrial Duty Steam Cleaner
Regular price: $2,195.00
Sale price: $2,195.00
Robby Vapor VS 3000
Regular price: $1,395.00
Sale price: $1,195.00
Robby VS3000G
Continuous Fill Commercial Steam Vapor Cleaner
Regular price: $1,295.00
Sale price: $1,095.00
TPA VC3000 Steam Vapor Cleaner
Regular price: $895.00
Sale price: $695.00